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Your Radio Station

When it comes to contemporary music, interactive shows, and latest news, listen to Supreme Vibez Radio & Entertainment LLC, a choice radio station in Davie, Florida. We are always happy to play the hottest songs and the best tunes you like. We also have a variety of talk shows for various audiences. Come and join our live events!

How Our Company Started

Supreme Vibez Radio & Entertainment started services officially in 2021. The passion for entertainment and providing positive content to enrich the listeners and supporters inspired the development of this entity. The radio station is license and registered in the State of Florida to operate services.The name Supreme Vibez Radio and its logo are both trademark and copyright protected. We provide daily entertainment globally through our website or mobile applications either by both android and apple applications. These applications can be found in any app store either by the Google Play or Apple Store.We also offer services to advertise and promote for businesses which can be broadcasted through our website or mobile applications.

Our Mission Statement

Supreme Vibez Radio & Entertainment's motivation aim is towards excellence andwill provide unique resources locally and globally to our listenersand supporters. As an entity, we provide the necessary information and resources provided by our clients focusing on sharing content, arts, news,promotions, advertisements, live events, and interviews.We believe that engagement is our valuable asset and the aim is to provide the information to create development, acknowledgment, and sustainability. As our logo phrase “radio with no exception” exemplifies that our aim is to reach all ethnicity globally.

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